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How to get paid jailbreak tweaks for free (the legal way)

Jailbreak tweaks are a fundamental part of my week. I’m always excited when a new, useful (or just plain cool) tweak hits a repo. Refreshing Cydia has become a part of my morning routine, right up there with opening my eyes.

Occasionally a “big one” will hit Cydia. A tweak like Auxo 2 or Vertex gets everyone excited, but many people (myself included) think twice before dishing out real money for a tweak. Sure, the tweak is worth it, but I have to justify the price by making sure I’ll use the tweak frequently if not daily.

There are a couple ways, however, that being stingy with tweak money can become a thing of the past. I previously wrote about why I started using Bing as my go-to search engine, and the ultimate reason was largely, if not solely, based on Bing Rewards. Today, I’m going to talk about how you can use it (and another service) to your advantage.

After using Bing Rewards...

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Why I Switched to Bing (And Why You Should Too!)

It came as a surprise to many when I tweeted that I had switched my default search engine to Bing. The general consensus many tech-savvy people have about search engines other than Google is that they’re all terrible. Granted, Google has done an excellent job establishing itself as the go-to source for information. Search engines like Bing and Yahoo! are used by a relatively small group of people, and that’s fine. Sort of.

I, too, used Google as my search engine of choice, and I, too, was mostly (probably only) concerned about optimizing my websites for Google’s search bots. Its popularity and reputation as the best in the business makes it the preferable choice. But I switched to Bing as my search provider, and I have reasons for that change.

However surprising and repulsive my Twitter followers may have found my transition to be, I had justified the switch to myself and was prepared...

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The Tyranny of Liberal Arts

As an Information Technology major, certain courses are required of me for a reason. Classes such as English Composition and College Algebra enhance communication and develop problem solving skills, both of which are necessary in all fields and occupations. However, the general view of the liberal arts curriculum as containing knowledge all students should possess, regardless of their particular major, is false. I have no genuine need of the information my college history class regurgitates from grade school. An analysis of human history, slightly more detailed than that which I received in my preteen years, is not going to boost my career. Computers have nothing to do with the 15th and 16th century thought of Western Europeans.

Neither will political science help enhance my programming skills by forcing me to commit to memory every office and branch in the United States government...

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